Shampooing your hair the wrong way?

shampooing your hair the correct waySomething as simple as shampooing hair can be done very right and very wrong.

Here are my tips on washing hair and how to look after it:

1) Shampoo your hair twice. If you wash your hair every day 1 shampoo is generally ok. If you wash your hair any less often, do 2 lathers of shampoo in your hair. The 1st will cleanse your hair and scalp. The second will treat your hair and scalp for any concerns you have and also make sure your hair is actually cleaned properly. If you shampoo once you may find your hair is constantly oily and product may build up in hair.

2) Distribute your shampoo evenly between your hands before putting on your scalp. Aply the shampoo evenly, some on top of head, sides and back. You want to have an even lather throughout the whole head.

3) Don’t put all the hair on top of your head when shampooing (as shown in pic) this knots the hair up and damages the hair cuticle.

4) Shampoo your roots, then the shampoo that runs over the rest of the hair is enough to clean it. Don’t rub your hair when shampooing on the lengths and ends. Again this knots the hair and damages the cuticle (as shown in pic)

5) Try to use a sulphate and  paraben free shampoo. Sulphates are the nasty foaming agents they put in cheap shampoo and conditioners (mainly supermarket brands) like floor cleaner and other horrible things. parabens are the preservatives. You should look for products that have a  symbol on the back of the bottle saying “12m” which means you should use within 12 months of opening. If you dig up a product from the back of the cupboard from a couple of years ago,  don’t use it! It will cause more harm than good and can actually damage the hair.

6) There are 2 brands that are very cheeky with their marketing. They make you think its “the best non salon shampoo” but the truth is its every hairdressers nightmare. These products contain  dangerous silicones that coat the hair and make it appear to be soft and shiny. In the long term its damaging the hair and can cause a chemical reacting if you colour your hair lighter that can burn the hair and turn it to jelly.

7) When conditioning keep the product away from the root if you hair gets oily. If you massage it in it can make the problem worse.

8) Shampoo opens up your hair cuticle and conditioner closes the cuticle back up. So it is essential that you use both. 2 in 1 products generally don’t work.

9) Use products for your actual hair type. Eg, if you have flat, lifeless hair, use a light, volumising shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down.

10) Hairdressers recommend salon quality shampoo and conditioner for a reason. Its not to make you buy expensive products, its because we have an expert opinion and can advise on a  proper product to work on you hair. Get a professionals advice where possible.

11) Most supermarket shampoos are very diluted. Hense why they are cheaper. When you make the swap to quality hair care you will notice a huge difference in the condition of your hair. It may cost you more, but it will last you longer as it is concentrated you only use a small amount.

12) If your hair is weak, damaged, coloured, dry or frizzy, sometimes a treatment mask is better to use than a conditioner as it is stronger. Alternatively, you can use a treatment once a week when you feel your hair needs some loving. Again a professional can recommend this.

I hope this information helps, please feel free to ask any questions:


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